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For those “End of Days” Days

On Tracy K. Smith, for Girls at Library

“Finding a collection of poetry that veers into the speculative feels empowering. Smith’s fusion of science and the arts is ripe and exhilarating, like witnessing reason electrified with humanity. In “Sci-Fi”, Smith uses simplicity – and moreover, the language of reassurance – to invoke the sense of a foreboding future and thus makes the reader question their very notion of progress. By leaving no space in the language for doubt, Smith infuses that into the gaps between her stanzas, which ooze with uncertainty and hum with the bleakness of this future – and what else, or who else, might have been left out.”



Meredith Westgate is a writer based in New York and Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in Joyland, Girls At Library, The Seventh Wave, drDOCTOR, NY Press, and The Demuth Museum. She is currently finishing her first novel.

That is her dog, Olive.